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Matt has been performing stand-up since December of 2002.  He has performed at various clubs and bars around the Bay Area including the San Jose Improv, Rooster T. Feathers, Ron's Farmhouse, Blue Max, Rose & Crown, Blue Rock Shoot, E3 Playhouse - Santa Cruz, Main Street Brewery, Britannia Arms - Almaden, and Britannia Arms - Cupertino.  Matt’s material has been described as is witty, and relatable; on stage, he is the smart guy that lives next door.  Next door, he's the dumb guy on stage. His keen skills of observation, teamed with an un-ending source of hilarious life experiences, always brings the audience along for a ride.  Born in New York, raised in Silicon valley, he is a father, an engineer, an inventor-tinkerer, movie/TV buff, and all-star geek.  Matt once spent a summer catching butterflies in the Rocky Mountains as part of published research study.  His job entailed catch, tag, and release of hundreds of poisonous attack butterflies… well, OK, not poisonous, but they were fast.  Another of his job duties was to grind up the little flying bundles of joy into a pasty brown goo, and then, run 20 thousand volts through said goo in order to determine the genetic makeup of the population being sampling... what fun with pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.  OK, so now you're thinkin, 'what the hell with the butterflys, Randazzo?'.  I don't know.  Oops I broke the third wall.  Crap.  Plainly a lateral thinker, always likeable on stage, his perspective will leave you thinking as well as laughing.  For more info on Matt, go to www.mattrandazzo.com